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MPHM – 720: Navigating Hospitality Law for the Non-Legal Professional
This January, I joined the Faculty of Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.  I am co-teaching a course titled,
2015 Hotel & Lodging Legal Summit 11 April 2016, 14.01
2015 Hotel & Lodging Legal Summit
We held our Fourth Annual Hotel & Lodging Legal Summit at Georgetown University Law Center last October, and the event was an enormous
Third Annual Hotel & Lodging Legal Summit—November 13 and 14, 2014
This year, it is again my privilege to co-chair the Hotel & Lodging Legal Summit, co-sponsored by Georgetown University Law Center and the
Hotel-Related Contracts in a Mixed Use Development
This year, I have presented at two continuing legal educations events sponsored by the American Bar Association Section of Real Property, Trust
Curbing Human Trafficking in Hotels
Regrettably, many human trafficking activities take place in hotels. On one occasion, I counseled a hotel management company that suspected that